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e-MedifactsEMR is a gold standard VAR(Value added reseller,We enhance our Partner company,s health care solution Portfolio,by providing them a professional sales team to profitably grow their business.https://assetc1.workingpoint.com/community/avatars/thumb/missing.png?242219375
We promote the values of our Partner Company products by building brand relationships and reliance on their products and services.We provide our partner company clients a smooth migration path to a more connected,productive and mutually profitable future.e-MedifactsEMR is a health care communication Sales and Marketing Corporation that helps physicians to adopt technology and communications tools for their practice.


e-MedifactsEMR mission is to help physician practices use technology to improve the quality of their patient care.e- MedifactsEMR policy is to begin your EMR conversion project with the end in mind.We do a complete analysis of your practice needs to give you the best EMR solution to your practice.
e-MedifactsEMR acts as a bridge by letting you focus on "Medicine"while we take care of the seamless EMR integration of your practice which is the end goal.
Finding the right EMR for your practice is a crucial decision.No matter which EMR you select,It will become an integral part of your life and practice.You will use it in your practice,at the hospital and at home even on vacation.The quality care you provide and the very joy of practicing your Art will be determined by this most important decision and choice.
That is why SuperEMR/PMS the low investment,high return web based EMR solution that is Clinically Efficient,Reliable,Productive,Simple,with great Response time should be your choice.
Our goal at e-medifactsEMR is to keep the applications software simple, with our EMR web based technology transparency,reliability and clinical efficiency are more important than high priced system sophistication.
Our objective is where 80% of your EMR benefit is achieved at 20% of the effort of you and your staff. SuperEMR/PMS Web based solution is the answer.Automate your practice today for Clinical efficiency and Productivity. GO SuperEMR/PMS!!!

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